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All About Kishka Polish Blood Sausage

August 23, 2021 1 min read


Kishka Polish Blood Sausage


Kiszka (try saying it as KEESH-kah), in Poland more known as kaszanka, is a type of a sausage made with fresh pig’s blood.

Yes, you read that right. FRESH pig’s blood.

Like most delicacies of Polish cuisine, this sausage is not for vegans, however, nowadays it is easy to find vegan options that replicate even this type of traditional food. There is even a vegetable type kishka for Passover, a Jewish tradition, or a potato-made variant for those who prefer it meat-free. 

Also, interestingly, many of the world’s cuisines have their own variations of the blood sausage, and it is believed that kishka has actually travelled to Poland from other countries, like Germany. 

But how has food made from animal blood even become an (edible) option? 

In the times where food, especially meat, was scarce, people made sure not to create any unnecessary leftovers during slaughter. Blood, a byproduct of this process, with lots of nutritional benefits, was collected and used for the creation of foods that were thought to strengthen up the body. After all, calories in kishka (about 200 per about 100g) ensured energy for the whole working family.


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Mark Mazur
Mark Mazur

October 27, 2021

I live in Lower Burrell PA and I make Kishka at home and I would like to find someone is wants to make it also.

Please advise


September 27, 2021

Miss eating kishka. My mother made the best. Use to help make it and then the best part was eating it. My mother was born from Poland so her cooking was exceptional.

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