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  • Bigos Recipe

    Photo of a bowl of Bigos with a spoon in it

    What is Bigos? 

    Polish bigos is usually described as a kind of a cabbage stew - yet restrain yourself from saying that to a Pole or you’ll get a swear-decorated reply. But in all fairness, it is the most stew-like when it comes to the way it is prepared. It is made from sour cabbage (sauerkraut), meat and spices, cooked for as long as possible (sometimes even overnight), and enjoyed most in cold weather. It is served hot and doubles up as both a soup and a meal. It is usually enjoyed with a slice of bread and has a specific strong, sweet taste. 

    When it comes to the origins of bigos, it is native to Poland, although there are neighboring regions that enjoy this dish as well. The fact that it is a mixture of numerous ingredients shows that it was a dish made for and by peasants at first (using everything they could get their hands on), and as it doesn’t spoil quickly, it was also a perfect choice for travelers. That being said, evidence shows that the nobleman enjoyed their bigos with lots of meat. 

    Side note: Some like to call bigos - Hunter’s Stew. 


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