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What do the colors on the Polish flag represent?

July 31, 2020 1 min read

The Polish Flag White And Red

What do the colors of the Polish flag mean?

The Polish flag has a simple design and is very easy to remember, yet it is rich in its symbolism. It is divided into two horizontal parts, the upper of white color, and the lower or the color red.

  • The white represents Poland's scarring due to the many wars and misfortunes it's been through.
  • The red represents the blood of the people that gave their lives for it.

Polish Coat of Arms Flag

There is also a Polish flag variant with the Polish coat of arms in the middle of the white part. It dates back to sometime in the 13th Century. It represents a white eagle on a red shield, with a golden beak and a crown. This flag is used for official purpose and international purposes.

Polish Coat Of Arms Flag