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What is Aunt in Polish?

March 21, 2020 2 min read

Aunt In Polish - Ciocia - Polish Word For Aunt

Learning the importance of the figure of the aunt in a Polish family, as well as the word for aunt in Polish language will help anyone with Polish connections strengthen their bonds.

How Do You Say Aunt in Polish?

Ciocia - as is the aunt in Polish spell, is the Polish word for aunt. In a Polish family, aunts (sisters of either of your parents) hold an important place in the growing up of every child. Usually, a ciocia is the one who gives the coolest presents and makes the best treats. She is the one who will take the time to sit down on the floor and play with the kids of the family. She is also the one you can tell all your secrets to. A Polish ciocia (and Slavic, for that matter) is very much needed - and very much loved. It is considered that, if you have grown up without a ciocia in your life, you have missed a big part of your childhood.

How To Pronounce Ciocia in Polish?

Wondering how to say ciocia? It might be a bit difficult, but to help you out: IPA: /ˈt͡ʃɔ.t͡ʃa/ as is the word for aunt in Polish pronunciation. Have in mind that ciocia is a diminutive and ciotkais the actual word for aunt, but nowadays, calling someone ciotka is considered to be a bit rude, disrespectful and distancing - of course, these norms also depend on each family. 

Aunt and Uncle in Polish

As said above, aunts hold a special place in Polish families, but so do uncles. Ciocia i wujek, as is the Polish word for uncle - usually males from the mother’s side, are an essential part of the family. It is also a common practice to call close friends of the family aunt and uncle or ciocia i wujek. 

Aunt In Other Variations

Learning a Polish name for aunt is useful, but learning these names in other languages is fun! Ciocia in English is, of course, an aunt, but what is a ciocia in Spanish? Tía! And how about a great aunt in Polish? Well, that would be babka cioteczna!

Have fun and learn more about the typical Polish family ties.

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