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Your Order May Be Delayed - Global Shipping Delays


Running a small business in 2020 has been challenging. When COVID first hit, shipping delays were happening across the globe. By mid-summer, things had gone back to semi-normal. We expected to see similar delays during the 4th quarter holiday season, but the current situation has gotten much worse. The information below was provided to me early this morning by my print vendors.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing and seeing significant delays throughout the entire shipping network. This is happening with every carrier.

For example, UPS Mail Innovations was so overloaded last week they refused to pick up Thursday and Friday at one of our print vendor facilities. They did this to give them time to reduce the number of packages sitting in their overloaded facilities. They are additionally imposing daily shipping maximums. These print vendors ship thousands of packages a day, so these restrictions will lead to further delays.

FedEx is also limiting the number of packages they accept per day as they try and keep their facilities from becoming too overloaded to function.

OSM is picking up every day and imposing no maximums, but USPS facilities (the ones who do the final delivery) are significantly backed up, especially on the East Coast.

So we are asking for your patience and understanding. I understand this will directly impact your holiday, but the shipping issues are beyond our control.

If you find that your package tracking number is not moving or updating, most likely the package is not lost; it's just delayed.

These shipping facilities have hundreds of semi-trailers in their parking lot waiting to be sorted. If you call the post office and ask if they have it, they will say they don't because technically, they don't, as it was dropped off in the parking lot and still waiting to be processed. Even if we replaced the item with the processing delays, it would not get to you any faster.

Here are some new articles detailing the current issues

We hope you can understand the severity of the issues that we are dealing with this holiday season.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or give me a call.

Thank you very much for your patience and for supporting a small business.
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Owner, Mike Mierzwa