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I am a descendant of four Polish grandparents who came to American in the early 1900s. Growing up in a Polish family and hearing stories from my Babcia about her life in Poland had a profound impact on me. I learned to speak Polish as a child and learned much about my Polish ancestors, whom many years later I would trace through genealogy work.

My family always stressed hard work and dedication, and mostly not to take offense to everything people said about our heritage. Know when to take a joke and when to take a stand. The shirts I design are an extension of that. If you buy one of my shirts and makes people laugh when they see it, isn’t it worth the money? The world needs more laughter!

I try to come up with designs that you’ve never seen before. Anyone can keep doing recycled content or do shirts that are trending, I’ll never do that.

I absolutely strive for customer satisfaction, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, please contact me!

Thanks for shopping with us!

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