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  • Polish Address Format | Polish Phone Numbers

    November 04, 2021 3 min read

    Polish Address Format - Polish Phone Numbers - Send Money To Poland Article

    Do you want to mail your family or friends in Poland a gift or Christmas card? The Polish address format can be somewhat confusing. We also go over Polish phone numbers and how to send money to someone in Poland below...

    Phone Number in Poland

    Polish phone numbers depend on whether you are calling a cell phone number or a land phone.

    For a land phone, you will dial 011 48 XX XXX XX XX.

    011 stands for the exit of the US (and Canadian) phone system, while 48 stands for a Poland country code.

    The first XX represents the area code, which is, for example, 22.

    So, if you are given a Warsaw land phone number like 111 11 11, you would dial it as 011 48 22 111 11 11. And if you were to call from your cell phone, you could try + 48 22 111 11 11 (as + replaces the exit code). 

    For a cellphone number, things are more or less the same - just instead of the country code, you would type in the provider code, given to you by the recipient.

    So, if you are given a phone number 660 111 111, you would dial either 011 48 66 011 11 11, or + 48 66 011 11 11.

    Before making a phone call to a Polish phone number, do make sure to check its charges and the time zone differences. And if you’re unsure about the correct phone number, you can always check the closest things online to the Polish phone book, like on the link here.

    Polish Address Format

    If you research Polish phone books, you might also come across addresses of those places you are interested in getting in touch with. In case you are, for example, wanting to send out a Christmas card to an address in Poland, this is how to format the mail address:


    POSTAL CODE, CITY or TOWN NAME (written in Polish)

    The first part of the address in Poland should be in correct Polish spelling, as Polish postmen can’t necessarily read English. The UL. stands for ULICA (street). The name of the country should be written internationally - Poland instead of Polska, so that other world’s posts (in case the letter wonders off) can make sure it reaches the right country.

    Polish postcodes are always important to mention, as one city can have many. One postal code refers to a certain part of the town.

    The difference between, for example, the question of how to address an envelope UK and the Polish address format is in the placement of data. The UK asks for all capital letters (which is always the most practical choice), and for the information to be written always one below the other.

    But, all in all, if you write things clearly and give important information, you shouldn’t have a problem with the international shipping address format.

    How to Send Money to Poland

    There are various ways through which you can send money to Poland, online or offline.

    You can choose options like PayPal, Western Union, or a bank transfer to complete the task. There are also lots of Polish websites that accept US paying methods, so sending gifts or flowers online should be just a matter of a few clicks.

    When it comes to Polish parcel tracking, you can do it easily on the website of the Polish post, if it’s going through their system - you just have to enter the tracking number and see where the package is at the given moment.

    Make sure you know the PLN meaning - Polish Złoty New. The Poland currency symbol is simply zł.

    One US dollar is, about, 3.96 zł, while one Canadian dollar is 3.21 zł.

    Try all these out - send a gift from our shop to your friends in Poland and give them a call to know it’s coming!

    Check out the video below by our friend Pawel. He gives instruction on how to fill out and mail a Christmas card in Poland. 

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