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  • Dupa Polish To Engligh Translation

    January 23, 2023 2 min read

    Dupa in Polish - Image of Older Polish People Reacting to the Wword Dupa

    If your ears have ever come across the sound of the Polish dupa, said out loud by a Pole or a Polish American, you must’ve also experienced the change in the vibe of the room. What is a dupa? Is it a bad word in Polish? If so, how bad is it? Let’s find out!

    What is the meaning of DUPA?

    Some might argue about the fact that Slavic languages have a rich dictionary of swear words. Polish is no exception. 

    And here and there you will come across the word dupa or dupa yash in Polish.

    So, what does dupa mean in Polish? 

    Dupa in English is most accurately translated as ass. And if used as such, it is a bit vulgar, but not the worst swear word available. 

    Is it the nicest synonym for a behind? No.

    People could use pupa (butt), tyłek (behind), zadek (rear)... 

    Also, when used in combination with other words, dupa tends to accumulate a greater gravity (pun intended).

    Uses of Dupa in Polish

    Now you’ve explored the meaning of dupa in Polish, you must be thinking - okay, so what does dupa yash mean in Polish? 

    Well, another beauty of swear words in Slavic languages is in their combination with other words, bringing them completely new meanings and uses! 

    This is a brief overview of possible uses for dupa: 

    • Dupa: body part, behind, semi-vulgar
    • Dupa: very attractive woman, vulgar
    • Dupa: prostitute
    • Dupa Jaś: or dupa yash in Polish American, meaning something or someone stupid
    • Dostaniesz w dupę: you will be spanked/beaten, semi-vulgar, threatening
    • Zawracać dupę: to bother someone 

    And, our favorite - you bet your sweet dupa I’m Polish.

    An idiom you can find branded on our products in the shop! 

    Let’s recap.

    Dupa is not the nicest Polish word, and you should think before you say it out loud. Nevertheless, it does bring some color into your Polish vocabulary!

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