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Polish Swear Words

November 04, 2021 3 min read

Learn Polish Swear Words

The article title caught you didn't it? You are not alone! It's one of the things were asked most frequently. So we decided to cover the Polish Swear Words topic in a lighthearted but informative manner. When learning a new language such as Polish, there is a taboo set of basics everyone is interested to know - and those are the swear words. Let’s not be shy. Keep reading to learn how to swear in Polish! (We won't tell!)

What is the F Word in Polish

The first, and most important thing to learn is how to say the f wordin Polish.

After all, you will need it for many things, to enhance your storytelling, to put a curse on your enemy, to shout out loud in traffic… Hey, some people use it as a comma in a sentence! That’s why this is the most common Polish swear word.

A true alternative for the English f word - kurwa.

Kurwa (actually meaning bitch, whore), is pronounced as KUR-VA.

And if you want to go even further, you can say kurwa mać - your mother whore. And to take a step even further - you can say pizda (meaning the female sex organ). But, to begin with, stick with the first option in case of emergency. 

Polish Swear Words and Slang

Now that you’ve completed your first lesson on how to say swear words in Polish… It’s time to move on to other Polish curse words. 

Here is a list to continue your education: 

Most common (and most useful!) Polish swear words with pronunciation are: 

  • Cholera! - HO-LE-RA, referring to the disease cholera and used as another alternative to the f-word but only referring to the situation (not the person). So if something goes wrong, you can just shout out: Cholera! It’s not too naughty of a word.
  • Spierdalaj! -SPER-DALAI - Fuck off.  Literally used as that.
  • Ja pierdolę! - JA PIR-DOLE, Used as fuck me, but literally meaning I fuck - when something is unbelievable, this is when you would use it.
  • Pieprz się! - PIEPZ SIE, Fuck you. Literally used as that - with the root word being pieprzyć, which is both to put pepper on stuff, as well as to fuck.
  • Dupek! - DU-PEK. Asshole. Again, literally used as that, but only toward males. It can also mean that someone is very, very stupid.
  • Huj! - HUI. Dick. Used the same as dupek, but has a more stronger effect.
  • Gówno! - GUV-NO. Only used to refer to something else that is of bad quality, and often used as Gówno prawda meaning that something is not true.
  • Gówniarz! -GUV-NIAZ. Little shit.Often used for someone who is immature or behaving badly.
  • Srać - To shit or to tell lies. 

A list of how to say bad words in Polish could go on and on, as Poles (and Slavs in general) tend to be very creative when they’re angry. Swear words in Polish can be combined, rephrased, and used however you like - the most important thing is to be careful who you say them to. Swearing in front of your work colleagues or elderly members of your family is considered a big no-no. The same goes for cursing in front of children. 

So, pardon our Polish - hope you learned something fun and practical today.

What are your favorite curse words in Polish?

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