Stada Baba Meaning

January 23, 2023 1 min read

Meaning of Stada Baba

Have you ever heard someone saying to someone else that they are acting like a stada baba? If you have, you must be wondering- what does stada babamean in Polish? Luckily, you have us to solve that mystery!

Stada Baba Definition

A stada baba is a misspelling of the word stara baba, meaning an old lady in Polish. Stada babaPolish meaning is a bit derogatory, so you should keep that in mind when talking about others. 

Though, you might easily come across ladies (and gentleman, too, for that matter) calling themselves stara baba, using that in a sentence, like: 

  • Oh, I’m a stara baba, I can’t see anything!
  • A stara baba like me doesn’t really care about clubbing!
  • Stara baba ze mnie (I’m an old lady), it’s not for me. 

Yet, it will be more likely that you hear someone calling someone else an old lady, sometimes with intention to hurt their feelings, sometimes jokingly, like this: 

  • She’s acting like a stara baba.
  • Don’t be a stara baba, let’s go out!
  • How old are you? Oooh, you’re a stara baba!


And never, ever call your own grandma a stara baba.

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