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Zurek Soup The Polish Hangover Cure

If you are familiar with Polish cuisine, then you must’ve tried the Polish sour rye soup, or Zurek, as it is known. It has a very specific sour taste and it is far from what you would normally consider a soup to be.
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Rosol - Polish Chicken Soup Recipe

Do you have the sniffles or a cold? Need some good Polish soup to warm you up on a cold winter day? There's nothing better than a bowl of Rosol or Polish chicken soup like Babcia used to make! Come on in and check out our recipe!
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My Polish Mom's Canned Beets Recipe

This canned beets recipe was passed down from my Polish Grandmother to my mother who was a first generation Polish American. 
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Paczki The Polish Donuts Everyone Loves

Great ready for Paczki Day 2020 with our Paczki recipe! How many Polish donuts can you eat on Fat Tuesday or Fat Thursday?
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Buttermilk Polish Coffee Cake Recipe

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Sour Cream Pierogi Dough Recipe

A recipe for my late Babcia's pierogi dough recipe.
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