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  • Top Polish Sweets

    September 13, 2022 3 min read

    Top Polish Sweets

    Have you ever stumbled across a selection of Polish sweets, thinking which one to try? Or maybe you are looking into exploring evergreen tastes coming from the mainland? 

    Melting in your mouth, chocolate dipped deliciousness - we’ve prepared a list of Polish sweets to try. All of these are easily found in Polish shops across the U.S. - and even online!

    Polish Meals

    A typical Polish day consists of the following meals - breakfast, second breakfast, lunch (soup included!), luncho-dinner (obiadokolacja or late lunch) and dinner, some or all followed up by a dessert. As this is quite a lot of food to go through the day, Polish people who watch their diet try to eliminate at least a few meals or courses in the day. But just like the Polish love to eat - they absolutely love to snack. Especially as Polish sweets are difficult to say no to. 

    As in every traditional family, snacks are frowned upon with the belief that they will spoil your main meal. Yet, there are some brands and some sweet treats that make for a very important childhood memory of all Poles. 

    Let’s explore Polish sweets!

    Top Polish Sweets

    We’ve prepared a list of top most known (and most delicious) Polish treats.

    Click on the link of each to buy them online! 

    1. Prince Polo - this is a wafer covered in chocolate, one that all kids love to take with them as school lunch dessert. The wafer melts in your mouth, and while the original taste is just chocolate, you can now find variations like coconut available too.
    2. Ptasie Mleczko (by Wedel) - now this is more of fancy treat, as the name suggests - which is Bird’s Milk in English translation. When someone brings the box of Ptasie Mleczko sweets to a gathering, you can be sure people will fight for each piece. In brief - the box consists of pieces of marshmallow-like foam, covered in chocolate. The original Ptasie Mleczko taste is vanilla in chocolate, but these, too, can be found in different variations.
    3. Delicje (by Wedel) - this is a pack of soft biscuits, filled with jam, and covered in chocolate. A lot of Polish kids will remember these sweets as something they were offered at friend’s playdates, which is why it’s a good idea to always have these in store for when gets come in.
    4. Krowki - These Cows, as the name translates to English, are cream fudge candy, delicious and very, very sweet at first - but easy to get used to. They can be found under many brands, but in essence are the same, so you’ll be fine whichever you find! One will never be enough - so when buying, buy a few packs!
    5. Śliwka Nałęczowska - made by the brand called Solidarność, is a Polish sweet treat known for generations. These plums, dipped in chocolate, can be found made by many brands, but if you are looking for the traditional one, always go with this. Caution - try to eat only a few, as plums eaten in large quantities tend to upset the stomach. 

    A special mention should go to delicious Polish sweets like Torcik Wedlowski, Michałki (by Wawel) or Kisiel by Dr. Oetker (a kind of a sweet and sour fruity pudding), but these are a bit harder to find outside of Poland. 

    When looking into Polish sweets, companies like Wedel or Wawel are masters of all things sweet, so whenever you see their stamps on something - get your hands on them! 

    What are your favorite Polish sweets?

    Let us know in the comments!

    And don’t forget to check our sweet selection of goodies in our shop.

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