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  • Dating in Poland

    August 09, 2022 2 min read

    Dating in Poland

    Found yourself interested in a Pole? Wondering what is dating like in Poland or how to date a Polish girl or a Polish guy? Read on and prepare to have them swept off their feet!

    What is Dating Like in Poland?

    Dating in Poland is not that different from dating in any other Western country. 

    So, typically: 

    First, come awkward conversations. 

    Then comes dinner and a movie. Or a dinner. Or just a movie. Or drinks. Drinks are fine. And a bouquet of flowers is always welcome. 

    Then comes… dating. 

    Yet if you are one of those people who prefer more out-of-the-box rules of endearment, you might come across quite a few obstacles. 

    For example - exclusivity is the default and the couple is considered to be a couple early on in the relationship. Guys are more likely to initiate a date and dating a Polish man means being a bit less proactive than you might otherwise - but again, it all depends on the people.

    Also, meeting the family is something that is done when the relationship is on more serious terms… and other than that, things are as complicated as they are anywhere else in the world. 

    When it comes to courtship, remember to stay polite and respectful of each other. Having good manners is important (and yes, this means holding the door for the girl), just as is dressing nicely when out on a date, and just staying invested in how your partner feels when they are around you.

    Dating Sites in Poland

    While some single people might find their luck on Facebook, Instagram, or… in a bar - there are quite a few dating sites in Poland to explore for those who prefer to search for love online. Dating apps are also a thing, and Tinder is the first one to try out if you are looking for some Polish romancing. 

    Also, you can explore a few other Polish dating websites:

    • Sympatia
    • eDarling
    • OkCupid
    • Badoo

    Once You Start Dating

    Once you begin dating a Pole, bear in mind that Valentines, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, etc. are all important dates in a calendar of a Polish couple. 

    Prepare your gifts on time and explore our shop for some cool inspiration! 

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