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  • Eight Polish Foods To Try Atleast Once

    April 24, 2022 3 min read

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    Eight Polish Foods To Try Atleast Once
    1. What is Poland famous for in food? Well, lots of dishes! Let’s dig in and explore the best Polish foods - those traditional, home-cooked bites that you will most likely encounter in case you are invited into a home of a Polish babcia. Smacznego!

    What food is Poland famous for?

    Polish cuisine is at the same time very specific, and very inclusive.

    We could argue that it is a mixture of the Slavic and Germanic dishes, which, over time, found their particular taste in the hands of Polish cooks - usually the women in the family. This is why when at a Polish table, you may come across meals that are prepared in other cuisines as well - only with a Polish touch. And there are, as well, tastes that are truly unique to Poland, like Szczecin paprykarz. 

    Polish foods have been transformed not only through time but through different economic situations as well. Some Polish foods were enjoyed more in the prosperous days, and some found their way to popularity as a means of dealing with financial hardships. 

    Another interesting fact about Polish food is that, due to the colder weather in Poland, the food there is made not only to keep you fed but also to warm you up - and thus, cheer you up, too! 

    And so, the most popular Polish foods are dishes like pierogi, bigos, soups like barszcz or żurek, and sweets like Polish cheesecake or babka. Polish cuisine is rich in meat, and lunch and dinner are often centered around the main meat dish. Some Polish (state, religious, or just popular) holidays require a special menu - and some everyday meals require more than a few hours to prepare.

     In short - Polish food is not a simple concept. 

    Plus: Popular Polish food and traditional Polish food often go hand in hand - or plate after plate. 

    And, while Polish entrees are not really a thing, don’t be surprised to be served soup before every lunch. 

    Let’s explore the most favorite Polish foods!

    Common Polish Foods

    Do Polish people love to eat? Yes.

    Do Polish people have an obesity problem? Not really.

    And yet, the following list of common Polish foods is not for ones who are on a low-calorie diet:

    1. Żurek - Żurek is a Polish soup that can be served before the main course or as a main course; it is enriched with sausages, boiled eggs, and vegetables.
    2. Barszcz - Made mostly for Christmas, barszcz is a soup not loved by all but definitively one that Polish food is famous for (along with other Eastern European cuisines). As it is created from beetroot, it has a strong taste you might need to get used to. 
    3. Rosół - Rosół is a clear chicken soup and a staple at a Polish house at least once a week. Plus, it’s a great remedy for a cold or a hangover.
    4. Pierogi - Pierogi are a kind of dumplings that are cooked and then can be fried, served with different savory or sweet stuffing's and sauces.
    5. Pickled Vegetables - Pickled vegetables (the main focus here being on pickled cucumber) are a must in every Polish fridge. They can be enjoyed as a side dish, a snack… or even used as a base for other meals (like Polish cucumber soup).
    6. Bigos - Bigos is a kind of stew made with pickled cabbage and different types of meat (depending on the recipe). It is especially popular during winter times.
    7. Zapiekanka - Zapiekanka is popular street food, often made at home too, which consists of a baguette or any other type of (preferably) stale bread with cheese, ketchup, and additional toppings, which are then heated in an oven.
    8. Kabanosy - Kabanosy is a type of thin sausage, and is often enjoyed as a snack or served with breakfast or dinner.

    Other favorite Polish foods include cakes like sernik (cheesecake), makowiec, faworki… And store-bought sweets like ptasie mleczko, krowki, prince polo.

    So while Polish dinners are not to be taken lightly, they sure come with some food that is, well… mighty! 

    Ready for some Polish dishes?

    If you are interested in knowing more about Polish food traditions or the recipes of some of the most popular Polish food - do explore our blog section.

    And don’t forget to spice up your Polish dishes with cool kitchenware from our store!

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    Barbara Morris
    Barbara Morris

    May 20, 2022

    Polish food is good! I especially like pierogi!

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