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  • Polish Christmas Markets

    December 08, 2021 2 min read

    Polish Christmas Markets

    About Poland Christmas Markets

    Being a mostly Catholic country, Christmas in Poland is a very important holiday.

    It’s a time where all members of a family get together, reminisce about the past, plan about the future… and drive one another crazy after a few hours. 

    And so, Christmas markets in Poland are getting increasingly popular - just like they are everywhere else in the world where Christmas is celebrated. 

    Everyone looks forward to wigilia foods, mulled wine, handmade trinkets, and spending some quality time with dear people. It’s where you can meet with friends, take the kids out to play, or explore some fun and fast rides. 

    Some cities have more than just one Christmas market, which can vary in size and attractions they offer. Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy, as Poland Christmas markets are called, can last from a few days to a few weeks and even a couple of months - from November to January. 

    Do note - you might come across a nativity scene during your visit to the Polish Christmas market. Polish szopka and Polish Christmas markets shouldn’t be mistaken for being the same thing. Though both are often located near each other, as Christmas markets usually take place in central city squares - szopka is a nativity scene, usually located in front of Polish churches.

    Christmas Markets in Poland

    Warsaw Christmas Market

    If you are spending Christmas in Warsaw, or visiting Poland's capital sometime between the end of November to the beginning of January, then you should check out the biggest Warsaw Christmas market. Located in the square of the picturesque Warsaw Old Town (Stare Miasto), it offers lots of fun things to do. If you are a tourist in Poland, do try foods made by Polish Christmas recipes, explore traditional Polish wood carvings, try out ice skating, and take some handmade Polish Christmas tree ornaments home!

    Krakow Christmas Market

    Wonderful during all seasons, Krakow at Christmas is especially beautiful.  From the end of November, to the end of December, Krakow Christmas market located in the main town square (Rynek Główny) comes to life, as it has decades before. It is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Poland, with a very long tradition. This is also where you can explore Polish Christmas craft, and try some traditional foods.

    Wroclaw Christmas Market

    Christmas market Wroclaw is another nice place to visit during holidays, open from November to the New Year’s Eve. Here, too, you can buy Polish handmade Christmas ornaments, try out delicious Polish recipes and have fun with your whole family. 

    Apart from the Christmas market in Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, you can explore those in cities like Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk, Katowice, Torun… And wherever you find yourself to be in Poland! 

    If you love the magic of Christmas, then spending a Christmas Eve in Poland will not let your expectations down. And when you come home from spending a chilly evening out, warm yourself up with some Polish Christmas eve mushroom soup. 

    And get singing some Polish Christmas carol lyrics!

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