Top 5 Pierogi Toppings

December 15, 2022 2 min read

Looking for new pierogi toppings?

We’ve talked about pierogi, and we’ve talked about legendary pierogi fillings. Now it’s time for some pierogi topping ideas! 

Pierogi Toppings

Though winter is known to be the best time for pierogi as they warm up your belly like nothing else can - pierogi can and should be enjoyed all year round, with all the fillings and all the toppings available to you. 

Yes, you can enjoy pierogi on their own (cooked! fried! not raw!), but you can also choose a nice, warm topping to add a little oomph to the dish. 

And when talking about toppings - here are the top 5 best pierogi toppings!

Top 5 Toppings for Pierogi

Pierogi toppings are usually served warm, poured right before serving. A pierogi topping recipe can be easily found online, though there are Polish families that swear their pierogi topping recipe to be unique and the best - as it is with all traditional dishes. 

You can also make your own pierogies topping with a little help from Polish deli and its ingredients - and let your creativity for Polish cooking shine!

1.  Skwarki

This is the most common choice for toppings for pierogi, and it includes a gentle, almost see-through sauce made from sauteed onions, melted butter, and the star - crunchy fried pork fatback.

2.  Melted Butter

Butter goes with everything… say the butter lovers. And melted butter is a great (if not the best) choice for all pierogi. With added herbs of choice (dill or cinnamon for sweet), you will create a treat worth repeating over and over.

3.  Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom sauce goes well with mushroom and cabbage pierogi fillings, but you can also try and combine it with vegan pierogi options if using vegan ingredients. It is thick, creamy, and makes pierogi that much more filling and heartwarming.

4.  Sour Cream

Sour cream on top of sweet pierogi (with strawberry or other fruit fillings) - is a unique experience of taste and texture. Definitively give this one a try!

5.  Cheese Topping

If you prefer your pierogi cold (as some people do!), try a topping of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. Maybe this is not the most traditional option of them all, but it is wonderfully refreshing! 

Chocolate for sweet pierogi and pesto, tomato sauce for savory… These are also good pierogi toppings in terms of choice. Some people also like eating pierogi with ketchup… but it’s not really a Polish tradition. 

How do you like your pierogi? Tell us in the comments - and don’t forget to check out our store for some cool pierogi wear, for those extra pierogi lovers.

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