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December 15, 2022 2 min read

How To Say Bread In Polish - Picture of a bakery in Poland filled with various bread types

Learning how to say bread in Polish is one of the most crucial things you can do for your language learning - because when in Poland, no meal is complete without a nice slice of Polish bread.

How to Say Bread in Polish

So, you’re sitting at a table in a Polish setting, with no bread in sight… and you must be wondering - how to say bread in Polish? 

Bread in Polish language is written chleb and pronounced IPA: /xlɛp/. Though Polish language has many words that usually greatly differ from other similar languages, the word chlebis one you will encounter in other Slavic languages.

 And when in Poland… it’s not enough to just say bread, oh, no.

Here are a few language tips to enhance your bread game: 

  • How to request bread and butter in Polish?

Poproszę o chleb i masło!It’s a bit of a tongue twister for non-Polish speakers, but it’s worth the practice, since the bread and butter duo is truly delicious, especially with a pinch of salt. 

  • What is a slice of bread in Polish?

Though some people say that krunka bread is a piece of bread - the fact is it’s actually called kromka. So, if you need just a slice of bread, say: Poproszę o kromkę chleba! 

  • What is the end of bread called in Polish?

Yes, the end of the bread, the round part, has its own name. Some people love it, some believe it to be disrespectful to offer that piece of bread to anyone. For reference, due to its round shape, some call it główka (the head), others say it’s dupka (a butt), and you can call it piętka (a heel). Or however you like it, who are we to judge how you say bread in Polish? 

  • What is sourdough bread in Polish?

This type of Polish bread is called chleb na zakwasie or chleb żytni. It’s an essential food, and a very, very traditional Polish bread.

About Bread in Poland

Chleb żytni, biały, chałka, bułka… There are types and types of bread in Poland, as, until recently (due to the rise of the awareness of sensitivity to gluten), no meal was imaginable without at least one nice slice of bread. 

And rightfully so! Polish bread is delicious. 

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