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  • Faworki Recipe (Chrusciki or Polish Angel Wings)

    April 24, 2022 1 min read

    Faworki Recipe (Chrusciki or Polish Angel Wings)

    It is difficult to describe the taste of Faworki or Angel Wings as they tend to be called in English. What is easy to say about them, however, is the fact that both children and adults look forward to seeing them on the kitchen counter. Let’s make this delicious Polish treat! 

    What are Faworki? 

    Faworki are a type of Polish homemade sweet pastry treat, made from dough and fried in oil. Though maybe not the most healthy - they are a must-have treat during winter times, as well as on Fat Thursday/Shrove Thursday/Tlusty Czwartek. They can be enjoyed during Christmas, Easter, Carnival times… Or all year round. 

    Though their taste is best described as being similar to donuts, their texture is dry and crispy - and not as sweet. You could even describe them as a sweet batch of chips.

    Faworki are not exclusively a Polish tradition, as you can find them in many European cultures (especially French). They can be found under the names of Chrusty or Chrusciki (as they are crispy), or simply as Angel Wings (due to their appearance). 


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