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  • Polish Canadians

    December 08, 2021 2 min read

    Polish Canadian Pride

    Poles in Canada

    There are over nine million people with Polish heritage living in the USA. While this is the biggest community of Poles outside of their country, it is important to mention over one million Polish Canadians. 

    The first Poles to walk the Canadian land were recorded during the 18th century. More people came to serve the military, helping out the British Army a century later, followed by ethnic Kashubians escaping the results of the partition of Poland. 

    Just as it happened with the USA, during difficult periods in the history of Poland (the biggest being World War II and its aftermath), whoever could, tried to escape across the ocean in search of a better life. 

    As Canada offered the prospect of an easier everyday life, higher paying jobs and the possibility to prosper and evolve as a person or as a family, all while living a calmer life in touch with nature - it was a first choice for a lot of people. 

    Soon, places like schools, churches and Polish Canadian societies opened across the country (mainly in bigger cities like Toronto), serving immigrants and helping to preserve their tradition. 

    Polish Canadian Society

    As a Polish Canadian, there are plenty of places you can turn to in case you want to get in touch with other people of Polish descent. 

    The most important Polish Canadian society is the Canadian Polish Congress, effective from 1944, which is a federation coordinating activities of over 100 member organisations, with its unique Polish Canadian flag. 

    The website on the link here offers a more in-depth list of all the places you might find of interest. Polish Canadian Cultural Centre Calgary, where important cultural events are organized, is one of such places - a venue built for needs such as theatre shows and banquets. 

    When it comes to famous Polish Canadians - they spread through different professions, like science, sport, politics... 

    Are you a Polish Canadian? Do you belong to a Polish Canadian club?

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