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  • Vikings in Poland

    October 27, 2021 2 min read

    Vikings In Poland

    Were there Polish Vikings?

    As Slavs migrated through Europe during the 6th century, one of the first territories they settled on was today’s Poland. Ever since, even though other cultures influenced the nation with its culture, Poland has been and remained a place based on Slavic traditions. 

    All through its history, Poland has been fighting for its right to just - be. Attacked by almost all neighbouring nations, it has had a history with Vikings too. 

    Just as a reminder - Vikings were a tribe of mostly Scandinavian pirates and warriors, who raided and traded with other countries. There is a stereotype that they behaved wildly, loudly and ruthlessly, mostly because people were afraid of things they didn’t know. There must’ve been a cool guy or two in each group. 

    And so, did Vikings go to Poland? 

    Yes, they certainly did. And through their actions, there is no way that some of them didn’t make families with Polish women, which is why Viking DNA in Poland should not be a surprise to those curious to find out the path of their ancestry. Just with the basic look at logic and statistics - Slavic Vikings must’ve been ‘’a thing’’. 

    There is even a legend to say that the first Polish king, Mieszko I, was himself a Viking, given the duty of creating the Kingdom of Poland.

    Another legend talks of the Polish Queen of Vikings - Świętosława Sygryda or Sygryda Storråda. The story says she was a daughter of Mieszko I, and was married off to the Swedish monarch Eric the Victorious. She then gave birth to the Swedish heir, only to remarry after her husband’s death and give birth to children who all, respectively, took thrones of multiple European countries. Yet her story is filled with lots of doubts - first of all, since it all happened too long ago to have much documented proof, and second of all - historians believe her legend has been compiled with different biographies.

    Polish Viking DNA

    Whether you believe in Polish Vikings or not, the fact is that there certainly were Scandinavians in Poland and that they have left a trace behind them. After all, let’s not forget the series of wars between Scandinavians and Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth, spreading across two centuries. 

    Some Polish Catholic names could be argued to be Polish Viking names as well - like Edgar, Eryk, or even Maria. After all, the beauty of all cultures is how they mix together. 

    So, do you feel like there might be some Viking blood in you? Celebrate your heritage with a nice glass of beer in a beer mug from our shop!



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