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Aunt In Polish Language

March 21, 2020 2 min read

Aunt In Polish - Polish Word For Aunt - How To Say And Spell Aunt In Polish

Aunt In Polish Language Spelling & Pronunciation

Many of our viewers and shoppers frequently ask us, "what is the Polish word for aunt" and how to spell aunt in polish. So in this article, we'll cover ciocia in Polish. 

Learning the importance of the aunt's figure in a Polish family, as well as the word for aunt in the Polish language, will help anyone with Polish heritage strengthen their bonds.

In a Polish family, aunts or the sisters of your parents hold an essential place in the growing up of every child. Most Polish children have that one Polish Ciocia or Polish aunt who they admire and love above all others. She's usually the one who gives the coolest birthday party presents on your special day and makes celebrating birthdays fun as she brings the best treats.

She will take the time to sit down on the floor and play with the kids of the family. She is also the one you tell all your secrets. Later in life, she's like a second Polish mom, and you adore her. It is considered that, if you have grown up without a Ciocia in your life, you have missed a big part of your childhood.

How Do You Say Aunt in Polish

Are you wondering how to say aunt in polish? It might be a bit difficult, but to say aunt in Polish pronunciation correctly is: Chut-ka

How Do Spell Aunt in Polish

To spell aunt in polish is CIOCIA, but keep in mind that Ciocia is a diminutive and ciotka is the actual correct word. But nowadays, calling someone ciotka can be considered to be a bit rude or disrespectful, but it also depends on each family. 

Learning the Polish word for aunt is useful, but learning these names in other languages is fun! Ciocia in English is, of course, an aunt, but what is a ciocia in Spanish? Tía! 

English To Polish Phrases For Ciocia

Below is a list of English to Polish phrases you can use. A little Polish language learning lesson if you will.

- To say thank you aunt in Polish is: Dziękuję (Ci) Ciociu

- Do you want to say happy birthday in polish? That's Sto Lat, but happy birthday aunt in polish is: Sto Lat, Ciociu!

- How about the proper birthday wishes in Polish for aunt: Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, Ciociu.

- Want to say hello aunt in Polish? Cześć, Ciociu, and more formal: Dzień dobry, Ciociu.

- Are you writing a letter? Dear aunt in Polish is: Droga Ciociu or Najdroższa Ciociu.

- How about a great aunt in Polish? Well, that would be babka ciotecznaor simple Ciocia.

 - Do you want to know how to say great aunt in Polish? Babka cioteczna. 

Having grown up in a Polish American household, just about everyone I know has an Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary in Polish is Ciocia Marysia.

If you want to learn the Polish word for uncle, check out our other blog article!