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  • How To Say Aunt in Polish - Spelling & Translation

    September 01, 2023 4 min read

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    How To Say Aunt in Polish - Spelling & Translation In Polish

    Many of our viewers and shoppers frequently ask us: what is the Polish word for aunt, and how to spell aunt in Polish? So, in this article, we'll cover Ciocia in Polish. Learning the importance of the aunt's figure in a Polish family and the word for aunt in the Polish language will help anyone with Polish heritage strengthen their bonds.

    In a Polish family, aunts or the sisters of your parents hold an essential place in the growing up of every child. Most Polish children have that one Polish Ciocia or Polish aunt whom they admire and love above all others. She usually gives the coolest birthday party presents on your special day and makes celebrating birthdays fun as she brings the best treats.

    She will take the time to sit down on the floor and play with the kids of the family. She is also the one you tell all your secrets. Later in life, she's like a second Polish mom, and you adore her. It is considered that if you have grown up without a Ciocia in your life, you have missed a big part of your childhood. So knowing how do you say auntie in Polish is a must!

    How Do You Say Aunt In Polish?

    Want to learn how to say aunt in Polish? It may be difficult, but to say aunt in the Polish pronunciation correctly is Ciotka and is pronounced as choat-kah. The word Ciotka translates directly to aunt in English. It is a feminine noun used to refer to the sister of one's parent or the wife of one's uncle. It is commonly used in Polish to address or refer to one's mother's or father's sister. Some Polish-Americans might say Chuchi Aunt because in Polish grammar, the dative case is Cioci, and that's the word they hear a lot.

    But nowadays, calling someone Ciotka today is a bit rude or disrespectful, so we suggest against using that word for aunt in Polish - but it also depends on each family. Learning the Polish word for aunt is helpful, but learning these names in other languages is fun! 

    How Do You Spell Aunt In Polish?

    To spell aunt in Polish is Ciocia, but remember that Ciocia is a diminutive and Ciotka is the correct word. "Ciocia" is a colloquial and diminutive form of "ciotka" commonly used in informal situations or when addressing someone affectionately. 

    Polish Aunt Example Sentences and Language Translations

    Now that you have gained a deeper understanding of the spelling and translation of the term "aunt" in Polish, it is time to embark on a brief lesson in learning the Polish language. Below are several English phrases you can employ to make a striking impression on your Ciocia, or Polish aunt. 

    - To say thank you to your aunt in Polish is: Dziękuję (Ci), Ciociu.

    - Do you want to say happy birthday in Polish? That's Sto Lat, but happy birthday aunt in Polish is: Sto Lat, Ciociu!

    - How about the proper birthday wishes in Polish for your aunt? Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, Ciociu.

    - Want to say hello aunt in Polish? Cześć, Ciociu, and more formal: Dzień dobry, Ciociu.

    - Are you writing a letter? Dear aunt in Polish is: Droga Ciociu or Najdroższa Ciociu.

    - How about a great aunt in Polish? Because to know how to say great aunt in Polish cna come in handy! Well, that would be babka cioteczna or simple Ciocia.

    And finally, having grown up in a Polish-American household, just about everyone I know has an Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary in Polish is Ciocia Marysia.

    Aunt and Uncle in Polish

    Having an aunt and uncle in Polish culture is a great privilege, especially for children. Their close proximity to the family leads to bigger celebrations during holidays and ensures ongoing support throughout one's life. The role of an uncle or aunt holds great significance in Poland to the extent that it is customary for close family friends, such as your parents' friends, to be affectionately referred to as uncles or aunts. Therefore, it is crucial for any Polish individual who is not fluent in the language to familiarize themselves with the Polish terms for uncle and aunt. 

    Are you aware that in Polish culture, there is a specific day designated for honoring every uncle and aunt? It is important to mark your calendar for the 3rd of July and try to reach out to your Polish aunt & uncles and express your affection towards them. Alternatively, you may consider graciously bestowing them a thoughtful gift, guaranteed to brighten their spirits. 

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