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  • Great Grandparents in Polish to English Translation

    October 15, 2021 2 min read


    Antique photo of two older Polish people

    In Poland, family bonds run deep. It's common to gather with your entire family multiple times a year, sometimes even monthly, especially during special holidays. And if you're fortunate, you might even have the joy of spending time with your great grandparents.

    Polish Great Grandparents

    In Poland, honoring generations past carries special significance. With the prefix "pra" denoting greatness, Polish families cherish memories of their "prababcia" and "pradziadek." With an average life expectancy of around 78 years, those who remember their Polish great grandparents are truly fortunate. But even if you don't, their legacy lives on through cherished stories and simple mementos passed down through generations.

    Step into a Polish household, and you'll likely encounter a treasure trove of photographs spanning back through time. Here, you'll also meet "prawujek" (great grand uncles), "praciotka" (great grand aunts), and for the elders among us, "prawnuki" (great grandkids) carry on the family legacy.

    Interestingly, in Polish culture, it's rare to directly refer to great grandparents by that title. Instead, they're affectionately called "babcia" (grandma) or "dziadek" (grandpa). Specificity is only necessary when sharing tales with those outside the close-knit family circle.

    What is Great Grandmother in Polish

    Great grandmother in Polish is "prababcia," which directly translates to "great grandmother." You may also hear variations like "prababka."

    What is Great Grandfather in Polish

    Just as "prababcia" in Polish means great grandmother, "pradziadek" in Polish translates to great grandfather in English. Unlike "prababcia," there's only one term for great grandfather in Polish, which is "pradziadek."

    Now you know how to say great grandfather and great grandmother - and if they are still with us - be sure to call them up and kiss your pradziadek i prababcia dobranoc! 

    Polish Great Great Grandparents

    To refer to Polish great great grandparents, you would use the terms "pra pra babcia" for great great grandmother and "pra pra dziadek" for great great grandfather.

    2 Responses

    Linda misenti
    Linda misenti

    September 13, 2022

    My fathers sure name is Nosal, how is it pronounced in polish. It may not sound polish but mydziadek came from Poland. Thanks

    Joanne I.Zajac
    Joanne I.Zajac

    October 20, 2021

    Loved the mini lesson. I am a praciotka!

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