Great Grandparents in Polish

October 15, 2021 2 min read


How To say Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather in Polish

Polish families stick together. If you live in Poland, you will most likely see your whole family a few times a year (if not a month), during important holidays. And if you’re lucky - your great grandparents will be there.

Polish Great Grandparents

All Polish family great onesgo with the prefix pra, translated loosely before. 

As average Polish life expectancy goes to about 78 years, you are truly blessed if you have a memory of your Polish great grandparents. If not, your Polish family will be sure to tell stories about them and to remember them through simple little things they did in their lifetime. If you visit a Polish home, you will likely come across pictures that go back (and forth) as many generations as possible. 

There, you will also find your prawujek (great grand uncle), praciotka (great grand aunt), and if you’re the elderly homeowner - your prawnuki (great grand kids).

Do note: When talking about your great grandparents in Polish, you will rarely refer to them as such - you will rather call them babcia or dziadek. You will only specify who you are talking about if you’re talking about them to someone outside your close family circle.

What is Great Grandmother in Polish

So, how would you say great grandmother in Polish?

It’s simply prababcia - as grandmother in Polish is babcia. You will also hear variations like prababka. 

What is Great Grandfather in Polish

Just like prababcia in English means great grandmother, pradziadek in English means great grandfather. Unlike prababka, there is no other way to say it. 

Now you know how to say great grandfather and great grandmother - and if they are still with us - be sure to call them up and kiss your pradziadek i prababcia dobranoc! 

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Linda misenti
Linda misenti

September 13, 2022

My fathers sure name is Nosal, how is it pronounced in polish. It may not sound polish but mydziadek came from Poland. Thanks

Joanne I.Zajac
Joanne I.Zajac

October 20, 2021

Loved the mini lesson. I am a praciotka!

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