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  • Wielopole Hotel Krakow Poland

    October 20, 2021 3 min read

    Wielopole Hotel Krakow Poland

    Hotel Wielopole Kraków Poland Review

    Having been to Poland almost every year since 2013, over time, you find businesses such as hotels and restaurants that stand out above the rest. This was the case with a hotel during my extended trip to Poland in 2019.

    While researching before going to Poland, I wanted a hotel in Krakow Poland near old town or within short walking distance to it. In the past, I've stayed at accommodations that took me approximately 20 to 30 minutes to walk to the square. While I don't mind walking, I just wanted it to be quicker to my favorite places. I love to walk around Planty Park, Wawel Castle, and near the Vistula River.

    Krakow Poland Area MapClick to see live map

    Planty Park Krakow Poland
    Planty Park, Krakow Poland 2019

    In 2019, I found Wielopole Hotel, a Krakow Poland 5 star hotel. This hotel had great online reviews, and the photos that accompanied those reviews looked promising. Once I arrived I quickly realized the reviews were spot on. This is not a 5-star hotel, but a 10-star on every level! Yes, it's that good!!!

    The hotel is very reasonably priced, and having stayed at several hotels in Krakow over the years, this by far exceeds all others for the costs.

    From the first meeting, the hotel staff were so inviting and friendly. They were very helpful with guidance as to where to go and what to see; even though I had a good general knowledge of Kraków, they suggested some locations that I had not been to prior. While I can speak some Polish, enough to get by, the staff all spoke fluent English which made things much easier.

    Vistula River Walk 2019
    Walk By Vistula River, Krakow Poland 2019

    The rooms were immaculate and well-kept during my entire stay. The hotel also offers breakfast, and while the dining area is a little on the small side, the food ranked right up there with other five-star hotels that I've stayed in Poland.

    I spent nearly a month in Poland before my wife joined me. It was interesting as the hotel manager was excited for me that my wife would be showing up. When I needed transport to Kraków airport for my wife's arrival, the hotel staff scheduled and set up everything for me.

    Wawel Castle Krakow Poland
    Wawel Castle, Krakow Poland 2019

    Once my wife did arrive, the hotel manager Katarzyna Z, and my wife started talking like old friends. We stayed at this hotel for two days before my wife's ten-day genealogy tour of Slovakia. Before departing for our Slovakia trip, we booked a few more days at this hotel. When we returned from Slovakia, the staff were so excited to see us and to hear about our trip. Again my wife and the manager were talking like old friends. 

    We did not feel like customers throughout our stay at this hotel; they made us feel like family. When we were ready to depart the hotel for the final time, not only the hotel manager but the staff member at the front desk came out and gave us hugs. This is something that I've never experienced at another hotel in my life, and I can tell you it spoke volumes.

    We love Wielopole Hotel We LOVE Wielopole! :)

    In the future, when COVID restrictions finally cease and we can travel back to Poland, Kraków will be our first stop, and Wielopole Hotel will be the only hotel we stay at.

    If you would like to schedule a stay or get more information on Wielopole Hotel, visit the Wielopole Hotel Facebook page or their business website.

    Check out my video of a room at Wielopole Hotel. Be sure to like our YouTube channel as we expand and we share more about trips to Poland!

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