Yes and No in Polish

October 25, 2021 2 min read

Yes and No in Polish

How To Say Yes in Polish?

Polish for yes is simply TAK. It’s pronounced as it is written and the gesture that goes with it is the nodding of the head (optional, of course). 

You can also say: ‘’tak, proszę’’ meaning ‘’yes, please’’ in Polish, and ‘’tak jest’’ as a firmer ‘’yes’’. 

Though some words in Polish language differ depending on the person you are talking to and the amount of respect you are to show, yes in Polish language is universal for every person and every situation. 

Takin Polish is very straightforward and can be used for most life situations, but you can also go further and choose from synonyms like: 

  • Oczywiście, meaning of course.
  • Owszem, meaning sure.
  • No, colloquial and to be used only in very informal situations, meaning yeah. 

Now you know yes in Polish - let’s learn what is no in Polish!

How Do You Say No in Polish

No in Polish is said nie - NIE. Just like tak in Polish, nie in Polish is pretty straightforward and doesn’t need any further justification, yet sometimes, to be more polite, you can say: 

  • Nie, dziękuję, meaning no, thank you and used especially when someone is offering you something (in which case it is rude to just say no). 

There is one cool Polish combination of words - nie, no! (which would make it mean no, yeah!), used as an exclamation, to describe someone’s disbelief. 

Now you have the answer to the important questions like: what does nie mean in Polish, and how to say yes in Polish like a pro - you can browse our shop for some Polish products it’s hard to say nie to!

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