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How Do You Say Mother In Polish

May 26, 2020 2 min read


Wondering how to say mom in Polish? Or even wondering why you would even need a word in Polish for mom?
Well, even if you don’t have a Polish mom, there are occasions in life when knowing what is mom in Polish can come in handy - because, in Polish tradition, you can your Polish wife’s mom, your Polish friend’s mom - simply by Mom!
So don’t be confused when a Polish woman introduces herself to in a Polish word for mother.


A mom in the Polish language is called mama. This is a quite common way of calling your mother in Polish, as well as other Slavic languages and beyond. It’s a diminutive of the word mother or matka in Polish translation.


It’s also good to know the variations of the Polish word for mom so that you know when and how to use them best. There is a big difference between someone saying Mommy in Polish or someone using the word for Mom in Polish translation.

For example, there’s Matka. The Matka meaning holds quite a harsh connotation and is used mostly in a formal language. When you hear someone saying Matka in Polish, it usually rings of a sort of distance and lack of emotion towards that person.

On the other hand, another diminutive in Polish language, mamusia or mommy, is quite often used by children and those that hold a gentle and tight relationship with their moms and is a sign of endearment.


In Poland, it is also not uncommon for other members of the family, apart from children, to call someone’s Mom a Mama in Polish, too, like sons and daughters in law. Even a friend of a child could easily use the Polish word for mother.
So what about other cultures? Do you know how to say mom in other languages and can you call other people’s moms by their name or in their language’s translation for mother?


If your mother is Polish, then you already know the Polish word for mummy, so instead of reading, go on and buy her a gift that will put a smile on the face of every Polish mom!



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