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Polish Mother’s Day

May 26, 2020 2 min read

Mothers Day In Poland - How To Say Happy Mothers Day In The Polish Language

Mother’s Day in Poland

Mother’s Day in Poland is celebrated on May 26 and it’s called Dzień Matki. It is not a public holiday, yet if you are in Poland at the time, you won’t miss a hint about it since it’s marked very knowingly, as it is a special day in Polish culture

Marketing of certain brands is focused on reminding you to buy a gift for your mom, no matter how old you both are. Grown up children visit their parents and some even celebrate with dinner. Children at school are taught about the importance of moms in their lives and are encouraged to create DIY cards and gifts, especially in art classes, or write poems and gift cards. Some schools even host celebrations on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Wishes In Polish

Wondering how to say: Happy Mother’s Day in Polish? Szczęśliwego Dnia Matki! is the phrase used. Calling up your mom and telling her you love her is the least you can do, so if you’re also wondering how to say: I love you Mom, in Polish, say: Mama, kocham cię!

However, it would be nicer to show up or send some mother’s day gifts or a mother’s day card decorated with flowers! 

Polish Mother’s Day Gifts

You know your Mom best so choosing a Mother’s Day gift shouldn’t be difficult. Flowers and chocolates are the most common gifts, but people also opt for those more expensive as well, like perfumes and jewelry. It is also nice to take a Mom out to dinner or theatre on Mother’s Day in Poland.

Polish Mother’s Day Card

Now that you know how to say Mom in Polish, you can also learn how to write Happy Mother’s Day in Polish and create a special Mother’s Day greeting card! 
Here is an example of Polish Mother’s Day wishes you can write on the card:

Dziś, kochana Mamo, masz twarz uśmiechniętą.
Niech przez cały rok trwa Twoje święto!


Today, dear Mom, you have a smile on your face.
May this Holiday through the whole year take place!

We wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the Polish Moms!