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  • How to Count in Polish

    November 04, 2021 2 min read

    How To Count To Ten In Polish

    One to 10 in Polish

    Polish numbers are only difficult when it comes to the basic one to ten. These have to be learnt by heart. Once you do, the combination, or a correct suffix with the words, will give you greater and greater numbers. 

    Let’s count to ten in Polish!

    1.  How to say one in Polish?
      -Jeden (one in Polish) is pronounced IE-DN.
      -Jedenaście (suffix -aście) is eleven in Polish.

    2. How to say two in Polish?
      - Dwa (two in Polish), is pronounced DVA. So - two beers please in Polish would be poproszę dwa piwa.
      - Dwanaście is twelve in Polish.
      - Dwadzieścia (suffix - dzieścia) is twenty.

    3. How to say three in Polish?
      - Trzy (three in Polish) is pronounced: IPA: /tʂɨ/.
      - Trzynaście is thirteen in Polish.
      - Trzydzieści (suffix - dzieści) is thirty.

    4. How to say four in Polish?
      - Cztery (four in Polish) is pronounced CZ-TR.
      - Czternaście is fourteen in Polish.
      - Czterdzieści (suffix - dzieści) is forty.

    5. How to say five in Polish?
      - Pięć (five in Polish) is pronounced PI-Ć.
      - Piętnaście is fifteen in Polish.
      - Pięćdziesiąt (suffix - dziesiąt) is fifty.

    6. How to say six in Polish?
      - Sześć (six in Polish) is pronounced IPA: /ʂɛɕt͡ɕ/
      - Szesnaście is sixteen in Polish.
      - Sześćdziesiąt (suffix - dziesiąt) is sixty.

    7. How to say seven in Polish?
      - Siedem (seven in Polish) is pronounced SI-DM.
      - Siedemnaście is seventeen in Polish.
      - Siedemdziesiąt (suffix - dziesiąt) is seventy.

    8. How to say eight in Polish?
      - Osiem (eight in Polish) is pronounced OS-M.
      - Osiemnaście is eighteen in Polish.
      - Osiemdziesiąt (suffix - dziesiąt) is eighty.

    9. How to say nine in Polish?
      - Dziewięć (nine in Polish) is pronounced DZ-VIĆ.
      - Dziewiętnaście is nineteen in Polish.
      - Dziewięćdziesiąt (suffix - dziesiąt) is ninety.

    10. How to say ten in Polish?
      - Dziesięć (ten in Polish) is pronounced IPA: /ˈd͡ʑɛ.ɕɛɲt͡ɕ/.
      - Sto is a hundred in Polish. 

    Learning how to count to 10 in Polish is not an easy game, so even if you can just remember number two in Polish - take it slow, it’s okay! 

    And once you learn how to say numbers in Polish - order dwa or trzy presents from our shop!

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