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  • What is Weather Like in Poland?

    November 04, 2021 2 min read

    What is Weather Like in Poland?

    Seasons of Poland

    What is the best month to visit Poland? Well, Poland is graced with all four seasons, and all four of them bring beautiful scenery to wonderful Polish nature. Whichever season you prefer - seasons of Poland will leave you speechless. 

    True, with recent changes in global temperature, each season tends to bring a new surprise. Summer gets hotter, winter comes unexpectedly - yet some things still stay the same. 

    Do note - when in Poland, look out for readings of temperature measurements as they will all be in Celsius.

    Spring in Poland

    Spring in Poland gives air a beautiful smell of freshly cut grass. Nature wakes up in its true sense, which is why you will find the parks blooming with lots of different colors as well as shades of green. 

    And if you’re wondering how to say spring in Polish… It’s simply: wiosna (VIO-SNA).

    Summer in Poland

    Now, how to say summer in Polish? The answer is: lato.

    Lato in Poland is warm yet mild, with temperatures going around 30°C (86°F). Of course, the temperature will vary whether you’re close to the mountains or the seaside, but Poland has an ideal summer climate for everyone who enjoys it being - not too hot. 

    The Polish seaside is still more used for its beaches than for its sea, but there are those brave ones that like to dip into the water. So if you’re planning a summer holiday in Poland, you can consider one of the many hotels the seaside cities have to offer.

    Fall in Poland

    How to say fall in Polish? It’s: jesień (IE-SIEN). Poland in the fall is as wonderful as in spring. Once again, nature shows up with beautiful colors and falling leaves are so beautiful it’s a shame to step on them.

    Average rainfall in Poland is about 64 cm (25 in) per year, which means that you are bound to run into quite a few rainy days during this season. And as the days go by, it will get colder and colder. 

    Until you welcome:

    Winter in Poland

    If you’re wondering what to wear in Poland winter, the answer is - everything at once.

    Depending on what you’re used to, Polish winter can be harsh. Coldest winter in Poland ever measured was - 41,0 °C (- 770°F) in 1940, yet you are more likely to run into something like -10 degrees Celsius, a classic winter in Poland temperature. 

    And if you’re thinking - is there snow in Poland - the answer is yes, there is enough snow to make Santa Claus proud. Yet, again, due to recent changes in temperature - Poland snowfall tends to come in late, for shorter periods of time.  

    Winter season in Poland is very picturesque, especially because the Polish celebrate Catholic Christmas and like to decorate in preparation for the holidays. Winter in Krakow, Poland, is especially beautiful, but do note that’s the time of the year this city tends to overflow with tourists. 

    Finally, how to say winter in Polish? It’s just: zima. 

    What is your favorite season? 

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