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  • How To Say Cheers and Toast in Polish

    October 04, 2018 3 min read

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    How To Say Cheers and Toast in Polish

    Toasting in Polish

    When in Poland - or when with Poles - you will likely witness an occasion to say cheers in Polish. Be it a large official gathering or a relaxed company of friends, learning the basics of toasting in Polish will bring you a nice social score. 

    Keep on reading to understand how to toast in Polish!

    When to Toast in Poland

    Fun fact - the custom of clinking glass together, as said by some sources, derives from the fear of poisoning - which was a common means of vengeance not that long ago. 

    Touching glasses made drinks spill from one glass to another, meaning that even if one drinker were to be poisoned, the other one would too, which minimized the threat of anyone even having the idea of trying to kill their companion. Others say that toasting was invented as a way to offer sacrifice to the gods - the person doing so would pour wine or blood and say a prayer or a wish, like a long life. 

    And so, just like in most parts of the world, a toast in Polish happens right before drinking, more often as an element of celebration. And just like in most cultures - it can be quite tricky. 

    Done right - it will bring you respect from your fellow drinkers.

    Done wrong - it will leave a mark on your social resume for eternity. 

    But, no pressure - we will help you prepare in case you are ever obliged to say cheers in Polish when drinking. 

    The procedure is simple, but it depends on your company. During more official gatherings, the host will be the one to offer the first toast, and you should restrain from drinking until then. If your host stands up when toasting, you should too. 

    When drinking in informal company, before taking the first sip, you all raise your glass and say, for example: ‘’na zdrowie’’ in Polish, which is a Polish toast to your health, which translates as to your health, meaning that you wish everyone who is present longevity. 

    Often one person makes a toast or says the phrase, and then others follow in response.

    How Do You Say Cheers in Polish?

    When talking about Polish for cheers, you will probably come across the ‘’nostrovia’’ Polish pronunciation. But what does nostrovia mean in Polish?
    Actually - nothing.

    Nostrovia is, in fact, a mispronunciation (and mistranscription) of the ‘’na zdrowie’’ pronunciation. 

    IPA(key): /na ˈzdrɔ.vjɛ/ is the correct way to pronounce cheers in Polish language.

    But hey - there are far many more ways to say cheers in Polish when drinking. 

    How Do You Toast in Polish?

    Now, toast in Polish is called simply - toast.

    ‘’Na zdrowie’’ is the most common Polish salute to drink.

    But there are far more Polish toasts to choose from - depending on the occasion.

    Plus, you can get really creative, and think of a toast of your own. You can even prepare a short speech - a common thing to do before toasting. 

    Sto Lat!

    This Polish drinking toast means ‘’a hundred years’’, wishing everyone longevity. This is both used during formal and informal events, such as birthdays, weddings, or public or state celebrations.

    Za Nas!

    Polish drinking toast - to us - is more informal. This celebrates the group and all its individuals celebrating together.

    Za Piękne Panie!

    This Polish way of saying cheers means - for beautiful ladies. It is used in more informal occasions. Imagine a group of guys enjoying themselves in a bar, surrounded by - who other - beautiful ladies. 

    Osoba Godna Pije Do Dna!

    Worthy person - drinks to the bottom! This is more of a saying, but can be used as a toast nevertheless.

    Zdrowie wasze w gardło nasze!

    Your health - into our throats! Well… you can imagine the situation in which this Polish toast would be appropriate… 

    Trzaśniem bo zaśniem!

    I shall hit it (the drink) or I’ll sleep - again, a more - way more -  informal way to say cheers in Polish. 

    Finally… Cheers to You!

    ... for reading this article.

    Hopefully you can now relax with confidence on knowing how to say cheers in Polish and which Polish word for cheers to use when drinking, so no Polish occasion will leave you unprepared. 

    Don’t forget to check our bottle openers and frosted pint glasses - We have lots of cool drinking essentials for you to be the best Polish host ever. 

    Oh. And one more thing. 

    Don’t be surprised if you hear ‘’na zdrowie’’ after someone sneezes. It’s also a common thing to say, being used to bless you, hoping the person sneezing won’t get sick. STO LAT!


    1 Response


    April 20, 2023

    Love your article on how to toast in Polish. We sing Sto Lat at all our birthdays and everyone joins in: Jew, Chinese, Hispanic, Polish, Ukranian, German; you name it. Love your sense of humor as only the Polish can have. Na Zdrowie to you as well.

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