Polish Falcons

October 27, 2021 1 min read

Polish Falcon Or Polish Eagle?

Polish Falcon or Eagle?

Both falcons and eagles are native birds to Poland. People often mistake the two (well, the three, along with hawks). An eagle is a much stronger and vicious bird, representing strength and bravery. And a falcon stands for speed and clarity. 

Though both are beautiful animals, it is the eagle that has become a symbol of Poland. The variant of the Polish flag with the coat of arms (the eagle) is said to be preferred by the Polish diaspora - so it must’ve caught your eyes.

 A falcon, as a symbol, is used by choice of other Polish organizations. 

The Polish Falcons

Polish falcon meaning can refer to a member of an organization called Polish Falcon Society. First founded in 1903 in New York, wanting to continue Polish heritage overseas.

Polish falcons organize different events, sports clubs, and were even the first to officially celebrate a Dyngus Day in America. 

Another association of ‘’Polish falcons’’ is ‘’Polish Falcons of America’’, which aims to help promote Polish heritage as well as help out the members of Polish society in all areas of life. 

And, there are many more clubs - even a sports club from Poland - that are proud to call themselves a falcon!

Are you a ‘’Polish Falcon of America’’ or do you belong to another Polish organization? 

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