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  • Polish Genealogy Tour with PolishOrigins

    February 16, 2024 5 min read

    Torun Poland

    Custom Polish Genealogy Tour of Poland

    Are you one of the 60 million worldwide with Polish roots? Whether you're a proud Polish American, Polish Canadian, or perhaps your lineage traces back to Polish settlers in Australia, the allure of your ancestral homeland beckons.

    Have you ever found yourself lost in reverie, imagining the quaint villages and bustling cities where your Polish ancestors once roamed? Do you wonder if distant relatives still walk the same paths, or if it's possible to connect with them face-to-face? So many questions linger about your Polish heritage, waiting to be unveiled.

    Enter PolishOrigins—a gateway to your past, offering a transformative journey through time with their Polish genealogy tour. Picture this: traversing the picturesque landscapes of modern-day Poland, Western Ukraine, Lithuania, and Slovakia, guided by experts fluent in English and well-versed in deciphering Polish records of births, marriages, deaths, and more.

    Baked Pierogi at Pierogarnia

    On this remarkable voyage, you'll tread the very soil your grandparents and ancestors trod, soaking in the sights, sounds, and scents of their world. Whether strolling down village lanes or haggling at local markets, every moment immerses you in the essence of Polish life, stirring emotions and forging profound connections to your roots. Let PolishOrigins be your compass on this unforgettable quest to discover the rich tapestry of your Polish heritage.

    Note: We had the opportunity to go on two extensive genealogy tours with Polish Origins between 2015 and 2017. They meticulously planned our tours and diligently researched our projects, while also helping us achieve our desired outcomes, such as finding records or meeting relatives. Both tours covered all regions of Poland and were truly amazing experiences. We also had the chance to go on their Galicia tour in 2019, just before the pandemic, and it was an incredible experience as well. We wanted to share our personal experiences and write this review to express how much we enjoyed traveling and touring with them. 

    PolishOrigins Genealogy Services Tour Planning

    Embark on a deeply personal journey with each Polish genealogy tour, tailored specifically to your desires and family history. PolishOrigins crafts a Poland tour itinerary, meticulously designed in collaboration with you, free of charge. Your input shapes the experience, ensuring every step resonates with your expectations and aspirations.

    Church in Kotuszow Poland

    Upon your arrival, a dedicated private tour guide in Poland awaits.  They are experts in Polish ancestry research, ready to unravel the threads of your family's past. Together, you'll delve into archives, explore ancestral homelands, and unearth the stories that define your lineage. With PolishOrigins, your genealogical quest becomes an intimate voyage of discovery, guided by passion and expertise.

    Note: Each genealogy tour we took was unique. The first tour they planned out for us. Being that it was my third trip to Poland and having a better understanding of how to get around, etc, I planned out the second tour. PolishOrigins helped fine-tune that tour to make it an amazing experience.

    Polish Genealogy Research Preparation

    Knowing your Polish family history is helpful but not necessary. The minimal amount of information you should know is what places your Polish ancestors lived before immigration. If you need help tracing your Polish ancestors, they can definitely help you. You may have the opportunity to discover so much more about your Polish ancestry by doing on-site genealogy research and hopefully finding living Polish relatives.

    Poznan Poland

    From the very start of your Polish genealogy project, they analyze all the information you provide them to prepare to begin the search to locate the correct villages and parishes where genealogy research can be performed during your visit.

    Together, you may be able to perform research during your visit at church parish offices, civil registry offices, state archives, historical societies, and on online databases. They can also interview local residents and sometimes quickly discover they are talking to one of your Polish cousins! They will not perform any actual research before the tour unless you request it. 

    Note: I already knew an extensive amount of genealogical information on my family before my trips. If you know your family history like I did, PolishOrigins researchers can help you expand on what you already have and open up those brick walls you may have. 

    Drivers & Polish Tour Guides

    Your Polish genealogy tour guide is also your tour driver. On all of their escorted tours in Poland, you have access to a passenger car at your disposal for the entire tour. They do not recommend driving in Poland on your own during the visit as Polish roads are sometimes in very poor conditions, not paved or dirt. Some of the Polish countryside roads are not always well-marked. Most cars in Poland are still manual stick shift. They want you to be able to focus your attention on the beautiful Polish countryside instead of having to concentrate on driving. 

    Wawel Castle

    Note: Having a knowledgeable tour guide at the helm truly enriches the travel experience. With them behind the wheel, you're free to fully absorb the picturesque countryside and awe-inspiring views, without the distraction of navigating road signs or fretting over wrong turns. It's a great journey where every moment is dedicated to soaking in the beauty around you.

    During Your Polish Genealogy Tour

    Your genealogy guide serves as your invaluable ally throughout the tour, offering a comprehensive range of services to unearth the secrets of your family history:

    1. Negotiating and Liaising with Local Offices: Your guide initiates contact with civil and church authorities, fostering relationships to facilitate genealogical research and delve into local history.
    2. Conducting Research: From scouring parish offices and diocesan archives to combing through Polish state archives and digital repositories, your guide leaves no stone unturned in the quest for familial traces.
    3. Locating Living Relatives: Armed with the information gleaned from conversations with locals, your guide endeavors to track down living relatives, offering you the possibility of reconnecting with long-lost kin.
    4. Translation Services: Whether it's deciphering family documents, translating letters and photographs, or aiding in communication during meetings with relatives, your guide provides both oral and written translations, ensuring that language barriers do not impede your journey.

    With your Polish genealogy guide as your dedicated companion, every step of your ancestral exploration is guided with expertise and care, promising a rich tapestry of discoveries and connections.

    Tour Accommodations

    When it comes to accommodations, PolishOrigins takes care of every detail, ensuring your stay reflects your preferences and budget.

    In bustling cities, they present a range of options, from luxurious 5-star hotels to charming boutique establishments, favoring local charm over international chains. Expect comfort and style tailored to your tastes.

    Warsaw Poland

    Venturing into smaller towns and villages, your experience is enriched by cozy inns, quaint B&Bs, and authentic Agro tourism houses—immersing you in the heart of everyday Polish life. Here, genuine hospitality awaits, offering a glimpse into the warmth and generosity of Polish culture.

    Flexibility is key, and PolishOrigins welcomes your input, ready to incorporate your suggestions and expectations into the itinerary. Whether it's adding local tourist attractions, arranging for specialized tour guides, or catering to specific preferences, your tour is crafted to be uniquely yours. After all, this is more than just a journey—it's your personal odyssey through the landscapes of heritage and discovery.

    Note: During our journey, we intentionally opted for a diverse range of accommodations, seeking to immerse ourselves in the authentic essence of each destination. Some of the lodgings were nestled quite remotely,  Despite the distance, each establishment surpassed our expectations, seamlessly complementing our adventures without a hint of dissatisfaction.

    PolishOrigins Tour Costs 

    The overall cost of the tour relies entirely on the particular schedule. All expenses, including lodging, transportation, guiding assistance, etc., will be encompassed. Before you arrive in Poland, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the trip's price. 

    Contact PolishOrigns

    To connect with PolishOrigins and begin your journey of ancestral discovery, visit their website at or find them on Facebook at Dive into the rich tapestry of your Polish heritage today!

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