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Polish Lullaby Kotki Dwa

February 27, 2020 2 min read 3 Comments

polish lullaby aaa kotki dwa

There are plenty of beautiful Polish nursery rhymes. One of them, called Kotki Dwa (Two Kittens) is one of the most known Polish lullabies. Let’s get to know it together!

Polish Nursery Rhymes and Polish Lullaby Kotki Dwa

If you are a new parent, then you will quickly discover that it takes a bit more than just a lullaby to help your baby sleep. Still, lullabies have been around since the beginning of times (they are one of the oldest forms of music), because they have helped soothe the sleepless baby, as well as the sleepless parent. There are beautiful songs that have been a part of one’s tradition for generations, and there are new ones, made up by the creativity of the parents, finding their way out into the world through repetition and a word of mouth. If you are Polish, or are interested in Polish culture, then you will find a great number or beautiful Polish nursery rhymes to listen to, learn and then sign to your bundle of joy.

So what do Polish children love to sing?

As all others, they are all about modern kids songs like the ones found on YouTube’s Cocomelon (who can get the Baby Shark song out of their head?), but super simple kids songs that everyone knows are also popular: The Wheels on the Bus, preschool learning ABCs, and songs about counting numbers and learning animals are regularly taught at school. Still, Polish songs for children take up a big part of their schooling, making sure that each and every child knows the basics of national nursery songs.

Kotki Dwa (Two Kittens)is a known nursery rhyme and one of the most common Polish lullabies, and the one you should know too, especially if you are a Polish parent. It’s origins are difficult to be discovered, but it’s been a part of every household’s sleep routine for generations.

See below the lyrics and their translation.

Polish lyrics:

Aaa, kotki dwa, szarobure obydwa, nic nie będą robiły, tylko ciebie bawiły.

Aaa, kotki dwa, szarobure obydwa, jak się kotki rozegrały, to dziecinę kołysały.

Aaa, kotki dwa, szarobure obydwa, jeden szary, drugi bury, a ten trzeci myk! do dziury.

Aaa, kotki dwa, szarobure obydwa, żeby tylko jeden był, to by z tobą mleczko pił.

English lyrics:

Aaah, two kittens, both mottled grey, they won't do anything, but entertain you.

Aaah, two kittens, both mottled grey, as they frolicked, they were rocked the baby.

Aaah, two kittens, both mottled grey, the first one grey, the second one mottled, the third one run into the hole!

Aaah, two kittens, both mottled grey, if there was only one, then it would drink milk with you. 

Although there are different versions of the song, both when it comes to the lyrics and the way it is sung, the one on the following link represents the most common one. Give it a listen to get a better idea of how it goes!

Now you have all the information to hum this Polish song, as you rock your baby goodnight. Sleep tight!

3 Responses

Irene Lynch
Irene Lynch

July 23, 2020

Kocham kotki dva.


June 27, 2020

Brings back such sweet memories

Michael Daun
Michael Daun

April 30, 2020

Many years ago my mom used to sing this at our home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. She’s been gone for nearly 50 years, but hearing this lullaby again brought her back to life for me for at least a few moments. Thank you

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