How To Say I Love You In Polish | How Are You In Polish

November 04, 2021 2 min read

I Love You In Polish - How Are You In Polish
Do you want to know how to say I love you in Polish? Read on!!!

Love Words In Polish

In case you fall in love with someone Polish, you will find use in learning how to say I love you in Polish. Polish for love is miłość, but the terms used to say I love you in Polish are:

  • Kocham cię: means I love you in Polish.
  • Też cię kocham:means I love you too in Polish.
  • Kochanie moje: means my love in Polish.
  • Pocałuj mnie: means give me a kiss in Polish.
  • Kocham cię całym sercem: means I love you with all my heart in Polish.
  • Kocham cię kochanie:means I love you baby in Polish (or my love).
  • Kocham cię bardzo:means I love you very much in Polish, and I love you so much in Polish.
  • Kocham cię bardziej:means I love you more in Polish.
  • Jesteś piękna:means you are beautifulin Polish. 

You can also feel free to say I love you to your parents, too: 

  • Tato, kocham cię:means I love you dadin Polish.
  • Mamo, kocham cię:means I love you momin Polish.

Polish Terms for Social Interactions

Polish I love you terms are nice to know, but you can always go through some other terms you can use. When it comes to meeting other Polish people, it would be nice if you knew a word or two for different social interactions - like meeting new people, or just surprising everyone with your knowledge of Polish. 

Learn how to say bless you in Polish, and things like: 

  • Jak się masz? means how are youin Polish, and also how are you doing in Polish.
  • Cześć, jak się masz? means hello, how are you in Polish or hi, how are you in Polish.
  • Gdzie jesteś?means where are you in Polish.
  • Ile masz lat? means how old are you in Polish.
  • Na zdrowie!means bless you in Polish (used only in case someone sneezes, or as a toast). 

Now you know how to say love you in Polish. If you want to hear it spoken, check out Pawel's video below! 


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