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Polish Duck Blood Soup

July 26, 2021 1 min read

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Duck Blood Soup - Czarnina - Czernina

Czarna Polewka 

Now, maybe more than ever in history, the taste for ‘’delicious’’ meals varies greatly from person to person. And although the idea of using animal blood for food like czernina grosses some people out, others will find it interesting - which is why it’s good to get to know more about Polish duck blood soup.  

The use of animal blood in food

Numerous cultures in Europe and Asia (but also found elsewhere) use animal blood in their cuisines. Most of the dishes that use the blood as an ingredient have a very long history and are a part of a culture, as is so with Polish czernina.

As blood is a byproduct of slaughtering, sometimes even referred to as ‘’liquid meat’’ due to its composition, it is not a surprise that people have found a way to use it instead of just throwing it away.

In Poland, animal blood was used and is still to this day, as an ingredient to a soup with strong. traditional symbolism. 

So if you ever find yourself in a Polish house and you are being served czernina, it is good to know the meaning behind the dish: 


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Mark Wisniewski
Mark Wisniewski

August 22, 2021

Though I’ve never tasted it, my grandmother (who lived with us) always make it for Easter. I remember walking with her to market’ poultry stand to get a mason jar full of duck’s blood that she had specially ordered. My Mom and her three brothers (all f whom lived in the area) would sit with her and scarf the stuff down. I tended to keep a low profile during those times!

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