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  • Polish Potato Pancakes Recipe

    August 09, 2022 1 min read

    A photo of a plate of Potato Pancakes

    What are Polish Potato Pancakes?

    As potatoes are a staple food in every Polish household (thanks to cold winters and the fact that this is one of the rare vegetables that can actually make it in this weather), Poles have come up  with different ways to use it. 

    Introduced sometime in the 16th Century (some say thanks to the Polish king John III Sobieski), potatoes have now put Poland among the top 10 world producers of potatoes. 

    You will find potatoes in soups, dishes, vodka… and sweets, as well. Thus come Polish potato pancakes! 

    This treat, eaten both savory and sweet, is known to be enjoyed all year round, with special note to the Fat Thursday/Tuesday, when Poles enjoy eating greasy sweets (like donuts, faworki, and potato pancakes), before the long Easter lent. 

    If you want to try and make potato pancakes at home - try out this simple recipe!


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